Balance Karate

Balance Karate – DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST | Diabetes,Cancer, Depression, Heart Disease,Stroke

Challenge yourself through Martial Arts.

Learn real effective skills, build confidence and feel accomplishment.

Indulge yourself in a programme guaranteed to make you fitter, happier, safer and more equipped to tackle every day life.

Beginners always welcome. Suitable for men, women and children aged over 7 years.

Learn Jun Fan Kickboxing (The original art of Kickboxing), Thai Boxing, JeetKune Do concepts, KravMaga, Grappling, Escrima (Philippine Stick Combat), reality based self-defence and Knife Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP qualified instructor).

Fully qualified and award winning tuition.

Adults only class held every Monday from 9:00pm till 10:00pm. Family Class held every Wednesday from 7:00pm till 8:00pm

For more information call 01234 567890

License and insured under Martial Arts and Fitness Coach UK

For more information and competitive prices please call (01268) 490544 / (07821) 635028 or click here for our website for more information.

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