This is a popular club for children (5 – 7 years) and ages 8+.

Sensei Quinn formed Ni-Sen at the start of the millenium and Ni-Sen means 2000. After 25 years training , teaching, competing internationally, and expanding his own knowledge of Karate Sensei Quinn decided it was time to share all his wealth of knowledge and form Ni-Sen Karate.

Sensei Quinn was the E.K.G.B. kata champion from 1992 until 1996 and had the honour to compete for England on many different occassions.

Some of the Karate instructors which Sensi Quinn has had the privilege to train under are: Sensei Ticky Donvan O.B.E, Sensei Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy, Sensei Dave Hazard.

Sensei Quinn’s Philosophy when forming Ni-Sen Karate is:

“Ni-Sen will never be a “style” and was never intended to be; it encompasses everything of value to the contemporary student, without restricting itself to a single discipline.”

Sensei Quinn is constantly learning and evolving as a karate student and teacher, he says:

“I am also constantly learning myself. As I find better ways of doing things they naturally start to filter into my teaching. So Ni-Sen is in a constant state of evolution, reflecting the needs of students in the modern world.”

For more details please contact Steve Quinn on (01268) 546439 by email on  or visit the Ni-Sen website.

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