(Please note entry to our gym will only be permitted if you have had an induction in our gym or can show written proof that you have a knowledge of the correct use of gym weights and equipment. Citification etc.)

Persons under 18 are not permitted to use or enter the gym.)


Regardless of whether you are looking to exercise, tone or strengthen your body - we have all the equipment you need.

Use the cardiovascular equipment (rowing and running machines, bikes, steppers and cross trainers etc.), to improve your heart, lungs and circulatory efficiency - making every day chores like lifting and carrying that much easier!

If you want to build muscle and strengthen your body you'll be interested in the resistance equipment and free weights (bar bells and war weights etc.)

Regardless of whether you have a specific goal in mind or just want to improve your general level of fitness, we have all the equipment you need!



How To Join

To use the Fitness Studio you will need to have an induction where a member of staff will take you round the equipment and ensure you know how to safely and effectively use it.

Staff will explain how to best to achieve the results you are looking for and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Your induction will cost £12.50 and please wear some loose fitting clothing that you can comfortably exercise in. We can take pictures here so no need to bring any photos - we can make your ID card up on the day.

We will ask you for some details about your general health which you can fill out when you arrive or download and complete now. Here is a copy of the Pre-Induction Questionnaire.

After your induction you will be able to stay on and use the facilities.

Once you have had your induction each session in the gym will costs £5.00 for members £5.50 for non-members (£4 for Association and £2.50 for Day Centre members). Alternatively you can purchase a cost effective monthly or quarterly card.

To book an induction please call (01268) 471717 or ask at reception for details.

Membership Fees

Your initial Gym Induction will cost £12.50, which is a one-off fee for joining. (To be booked in the centre and £5.00 non-refundable  deposit to be left to secure place.)

Each session then cost £5.00 for members, £5.50 for non-members. Day Centre Member £2.50.

Monthly cards cost £26.50 (£16 for Day Centre Members).

* Club members get a 50p reduction on the session rate.

We also offer quarterly cards which cost £69.00 (£45 for Day Centre Members)...

NB. Please note that we are able to 'Freeze' your card for holidays or if you are unable to attend through injury etc., so you don't lose entitlement while away. The minimum period of time we can 'Freeze' a card for is 1 week. Just notify us before your holiday or the beginning of your inability to attend and we will suspend your card until you are ready to return.


Sauna £2.00 (Members only)


Members bar - Membership runs from July – July. Membership applications open in June of each year and a form can be obtained from the front reception office.


Family Membership 2 Adults and children under 18= £17.00 per year

Single membership 1 Adult 18 and over =£12.00 per year

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